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  • Pizza Dough Recipe Easy Quick

    By moH nero → Saturday, September 16, 2017
    Welcome to Real Recipe at home, today pizza I'll show you the easiest recipe for homemade pizza dough, learn how to make in just two minutes the Pizza Dough Recipe Easy for homemade Only on site real recipe.

    RECIPE Pizza Dough Recipe Easy Quick

    5g / 1 Teaspoon Activated Dry Yeast
    150ml / 1/2 Cup + 2 Tablespoons Warm Water
    250g / 2 Cups Strong Flour (Bread Flour)
    5g / 1 Teaspoon Sugar
    5g / 1 Teaspoon Salt
    10ml / 2 Teaspoons Olive Oil

    start by mixing wheat flour for pizza, with more gluten than general purpose flour, with a pinch of salt.
    I'll use a more useful knead machine but it is the same also if you knead by hands first of all the water it must be just lukewarm and not mineral, add a pinch of sugar for making the pizza leavening easier.
    then melt yeast in the water, I am using the dry one .

    but also with that fresh in cubes it is the same, pay only attention it to melt neither in too hot nor in too cold water.
    while we let the yeast melt, add 2 tabelspoons of olive oil to the flour.
    now add the mix with yeast and knead for at least 10 minutes.

    if using the knead machine keep the speed low, for avoiding the dough to heat then let leaven until a dough increase about of the double as you can see the pizza dough is well leavened, now we put it onto the board and split into as many portions as will be the oven pans we want to use
    we can use them either for traditional pizza.

    so a bigger oven pan or smaller if we want to make more varieties , real recipe Thank you for reading Pizza Dough Recipe Easy .
    Source italian cuisine at home

  • Easy pizza dough recipe Follow

    By moH nero → Monday, August 28, 2017

    Hi everyone and welcome to realrecipe. Today I’m sharing with you how to make easy pizza dough recipe .

    Making homemade pizza’s is one of my favourite things to do, it’s a lot of fun, and you can be really creative with the toppings.

    RECIPE Easy pizza dough recipe

    5g / 1 Teaspoon Activated Dry Yeast
    150ml / 1/2 Cup + 2 Tablespoons Warm Water
    250g / 2 Cups Strong Flour (Bread Flour)
    5g / 1 Teaspoon Sugar
    5g / 1 Teaspoon Salt
    10ml / 2 Teaspoons Olive Oil

    Steps Make Easy pizza dough recipe

    It’s also very easy, so if you would like to learn how to make your own pizza dough then just keep on reading.

    This first thing we need to do is wake up the yeast. I’m using activated dry yeast, but you could use fresh yeast if you have some. 

    Pour warm water into a bowl, followed by the yeast. You don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold because either can effect the yeast. Mix together and leave for about 10-20 minutes while we prepare the remaining ingredients.

    In a mixing bowl measure out 2 cups of strong flour, or bread flour. This flour has more gluten in it than standard flour or cake flour, which is needed to make bread.

    Add in thesalt and sugar and mix together with a spoon. Create a well in the middle for pouring in the wet ingredients.

    Measure out the olive oil and pour into the well made by the flour, followed by the yeast17 mixture. 
    It should be frothy at the top, if it isn’t leave it for a bit longer.

    Start to mix the dough with a butter knife, it works a lot better than a spoon as it cuts through the dough. 

    Once it has come together enough you can scrape any dough off the knife and start to use your hands.

    Pour it out onto a surface and start to knead. You may find the dough seems too wet or too dry at this point but don’t add anything.
    Continue to knead until the dough starts to smooth out.

    If it is still sticking to the bench sprinkle a touch of flour over the dough.

    In total this has to be kneaded for 10 minutes to work out the gluten, other wise you would be left with a flat and tough pizza base.

    Everyone has a different style to kneading but essentially what you need to do it fold and push out the dough with your hands. 
    The more you do it the easier it is.

    Once the dough has become smooth and elastic it’s ready to be left to prove. Shape the dough into a ball, pinching the bottom together.
    Pour a small amount of oil into a bowl and spread it over the dough, Cover with plastic wrap and leave in a warm draft free place until it has doubled or tripled in size.

    There is no exact time that you need to leave it for, depending on the temperature it may prove faster or slower so just give it time.

    Alternatively you can use a bread maker , When your dough has doubled in size remove the plastic wrap and punch it back to remove the air. 
    Take the dough out of the bowl and place it on a floured surface. Knead the dough

    enough to knock most of the air out of it. 
    Then begin to shape it. This dough will make two large pizza’s or three medium sized depending on how thick you like the crust.

    Bake the pizza on the highest temperature your oven will go to on a pizza stone if possible.

    Remove it from the oven when the pizza base has risen and browned and toppings are cooked.

    I hope you found this Post helpful and it’s inspired you to make your own pizza  Easy pizza dough recipe

    Source Carina Stewart
  • Easy Recipe best pizza dough recipe

    By moH nero → Thursday, August 17, 2017
    hello and welcome to Real Recipe I'm going  to show you how to make best pizza dough recipe the  easiest but best pizza crust  there is don't  be intimidated by pizza crust it's super easy  to  make using  ingredients that you more than likely  already  have in your  pantry  and it doesn't take hardly any 
    . time  at all


     : What you'll need
    3/4 cup warm water (about 100*F)
    2 Tbsp granulated sugar
    1 tsp active dry yeast
    1 tsp salt
    1 Tbsp olive oil
    2 cups all-purpose or plain flour
    additional oil for greasing

    How to prepare best pizza dough recipe

    these are the  ingredients  that you'll need so let's  get started I'm going   to  start off   with a large bowl here I'm going to  add in   two tablespoons of granulated sugar  and to that I'm going to add in  3/4 of a cup  of warm water  that's about one hundred hundred and ten 
    degrees or so

     I'm just going   to swirl that around a little  bit to dissolve a  little  bit of  that sugar and then I'm  going  to sprinkle on one teaspoon of  active  dry yeast   right on top now  you  want to  let this   sit for a few minutes 

    and kind of rehydrate your yeast a  little bit and once that gets   a little  bit foamy I'm going to add in one teaspoon of  salt one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil  you can use melted butter   for  this   if you use  vegetable oil whatever  kind of oil that you want 

    and then I'm going to  dump in two cups of all-purpose or plain  flour   and  I'm just going to use my hands here because eventually I'm doing it my hands dirty with this 
    so   just  using my fingertips  I'm just going  to stir this together until that kind of starts  to come  together and form a dough they want  to go around  the  sides   of your bowl make sure  that all of the ingredients get off the side of  the bowl  ultimately you want to make sure   that everything gets incorporated into  your dough out of the dozens and dozens and  dozens of times 

     that  I've made this   two cups of flour has been perfect   for me it always works with  exactly   two cups I never need any  less I never need any more it  just  somehow   someway with this recipe it just works out every time now once it generally  starts to come together 
     and form a dough you want to turn that out  onto your counter top get all that dough off of your hands and then  just start kneading this you don't  have to knead this for  any length of time really all  you want   to do is knead this together  until it forms   a nice smooth dough  it doesn't have to be you  know smooth  as babies but smooth

    and make it into a nice  ball of dough   and then  I'm going to use the same Bowl that I mix this in I'm just  going to  add in about   a tablespoon of additional olive oil and spread that around  then I'm going to coat my dough in the olive oil   now make sure that  your dough is completely covered in  the olive oil so  that  way doesn't dry out as it rises  and then  you want to cover this with  a damp towel and   put  it into a warm spot to rise for between an hour hour and a half maybe two hours   just until the dough is  doubled in size once your dough has doubled you can go ahead 

     and take the towel off   and punch your  dough down pull  it away   from the sides of your  bowl make sure it's not sticking there now I am using a pizza pan here it is a specific  pan for the pizza industry   I got  at a restaurant supply house   you can use  any pizza pan that you have you can even use a cookie sheet if you want to for  this and I'm going   to put about  two tablespoons  or so  of olive   oil into my pan  and I'm going to spread this   around so  there's a liberal coat of oil  covering my entire pan then you want to take your dough and  place that  into the center  of  your pan and starting in the center   of your dough  you want to use 

    just  your  fingertips   and start pressing this out to the   edge of  your pizza pan if you're using this  kind   of  pizza pan that has a lip  on it if you're using just a cookie sheet  or a flat pan go ahead and press  it out  until it is about  between 14 and 16  inches in diameter   and as you're  pressing this out you  just want to  use your fingertips   here  and kind  of build yourself up a crust around the outside but if  using one of these specialty pizza pans  go ahead and use your  fingertips again and press the dough down into the corner  of the pan and  then I'm going   to go ahead and dock my crust  now   I'm just using a fork here

    and I'm  just going   to poke a  bunch of little holes  in this crust now it seems kind of counterintuitive to  you know punch a bunch  of holes in this basically what  this is going to do is  prevent my crust from getting ultra poofy  and ultimately it just   makes a nicer crust  and then from here   you can pretty much top your pizza with whatever you want  go ahead and use pizza sauce and after the pizza sauce typically you do cheese and then the rest  of your  toppings  

    and make this in a preheated oven at 450  degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 maybe 14 minutes  you want   to make sure that your crust is nicely  golden brown  around the   edges you want to make  sure that your cheese is  melted on   top and then  you can go ahead and cut   up your pizza  and serve it any way  you wish  and that's really  all there   is to it to  making   your  very own homemade pizza crust   see it's really  not   hard  at all so there  you go I hope you guys enjoy

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  • Read pizza dough recipes with yeast

    By moH nero → Wednesday, August 9, 2017

    hello all our visitors,Real Recipe website is the home of best recipes ,and easiest ingredients ,Satisfy all tastes Read Pizza Dough recipes with yeast  .

    hello everyone and welcome to  once again today we're making the perfect pizza dough for any pizza toppings that you may want to put on so let's get started.


    1 1/2 cups warm water
    2 tsp dried yeast
    pinch of sugar
    4 cups plain flour
    1 tsp salt
    1/4 cup olive oil
    extra oil for brushing


    How to prepare Pizza dough recipes with yeast

    so we're making the perfect pizza now once you've mastered this dough you will be having the best pizzas ever .

     so to start off with into a small bowl I'm going to add some warm water to the water.
     I'm gonna add in just a pinch of sugar and to the water in the sugar I'm gonna add some dried yeast.

    now you can get the dried yeast anywhere in your supermarket section if you can't find it just ask them and they'll get it for you just mix the water and the yeast .

    together the guys just put this aside for five minutes don't touch it just leave it for five minutes.

     so you can see our yeast mixture has gone nice and white and foamy on the top and that's what you're after you also get a very unpleasant yeast smell and that's also what you're looking for 
    as well .
    so let's get onto the rest of our dough so into a separate bowl I'm going to add in just some plain flour
    and to the flour I'm going to add in some salt .

    and just make it well in the center of that flour into the well I'm going to add in some olive oil .
    and I'm going to add in our yeast mixture .

    nigga let's don't stir the mixture what I want you to do is just grab a knife and I want you to just move it and cut it along right there until all those ingredients are mixed together.
    and guys when it's mixed together like that what I want you to do clean hands of course just roll and mix that dough through your hands .

    so guys just onto a board I'm going flour the surface and a very important step I want you to knead
    your dough okay.

     now you want to knead the dough until it becomes nice and soft you won't have all these wrinkles on the outside .

    so for kneading what you want to do is just grab your hands you want to fold and push back fold push back fold push back. 

    so guys I've just put some olive oil in the bottom of the bowl here and just get your dough and pop it.

    into  the bowl and just getting some more olive oil in your hands just rub the dough over the top with that oil .

    so justcover the bowl with some plastic wrap .

    so very important guys leave your dough now for 30 minutes to rest okay put it aside preferably somewhere nice and warm okay but leave it for 30 minutes and then our dough .

    will be done so they have a guy stuff perfect pizza dough and you'll find that when you take down the bowl it's really really light and you might think gee something's gone wrong no hasn't you've done it perfectly so that's all you have to do now we'll be making a pizza .

    That 's all about Pizza dough recipes with yeast.

    Source Nickos Mug Cakes